Proposed Reopening - Lane Booking Process

11 Jun 2020 13:30 - 11 Jun 2020 13:31 #4779 by admin
In order to give everyone a fair opportunity to shoot and minimise any risk to our members, a policy of booking your intended shooting lane will be implemented as part of a series of safeguards during the reopening period,

In order to ensure your reservation the following should be noted

  • Only 15 bookings/lanes are available on the rifle range and 5 on the pistol range.
  • Members may only book for themselves.
  • Places can be booked by members the day before between the hours of 18;00 and 19;00 only. No bookings will be taken outside this hour
  • Ring Don to book a place on 0778 456 6976
  • Failure to attend a booking may affect future bookings
  • In the event of excessive demand members may be restricted to how often they can attend in any one week.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter, and the other safeguards we need to take to ensure a successful and safe reopening of our club.
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