Stockfield Air Pistol Club


Dukinfield Air Rifle Club @ Stockfield Mill


Club  Rules applicable from 12/05/2014

Our clubs promote responsible airgun shooting in a safe environment.

To shoot here you MUST accept the following rules to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If you cannot agree to these rules, then PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE TO SHOOT, because any persons, whether members or not, who infringe the rules WILL BE TOLD TO LEAVE. The decision of the range officer and committee members present is final.


  1. Rifles or pistols firing BB`s are banned from lanes other than the 3 dedicated BB lanes for safety reasons.

  2. All rifles must be below the UK 12 ft/lb  muzzle energy limit, and all pistols must be below the UK 6 ft/lb  similar limit,  because THE CLUBS ARE NOT LICENSED for FAC rated shooting. Any rifle or pistol suspected of being over the appropriate limit will be tested on the chronograph, and if found over the limit, the owner/user will be told to cease shooting and advised of his/her position under UK law.

  3. Any person under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or appropriate guardian.

  4. You MUST cease shooting immediately when instructed by the range officer or committee member present, and your rifle or pistol immediately made safe.
  5. Cross shooting outside your bay on the rifle range as defined by the rows of columns is banned.

  6. Shooting into the side walls on rifle and pistol ranges is banned.

  7. Shooting in a manner likely to cause damage to light fittings, electrical conduit, ceiling, windows and sprinkler system is banned.

  8. Behaviour of any kind which may endanger the safety of yourself and others will not be tolerated.

  9. Before taking your PCP rifle or pistol to the filling bottles, the magazine must be emptied and/or removed. Single shot rifles or pistols must be unloaded.

  10. Lanes 1 – 6 on the pistol range are designed for use by shooters with a serious interest in 10 metre target shooting and must be kept for that purpose.

    Lane 7 is for target shooting at shorter distances.

    The second bay  of nine lanes is for casual or “fun” shooting.

    Cross firing between the bays or between lanes 1 - 7 is banned.  

    Shooting high into back wall brickwork is banned. 

  11. Rifles and pistols must be bagged or cased when entering or leaving the premises to avoid alarm or distress to other occupants of the mill or nearby residents.

  12. The shelves under the windows are for gun bags only, guns must be rested on the range shelves.

  13. Rifles or pistols MUST NOT BE TAKEN into the drinks area.

  14. Shooting is only allowed on the ranges. Shooting on any other part of the premises, including the car park, is banned.

  15. The ENTIRE MILL PREMISES including toilets and stairways are a “No Smoking” area for tobacco and any other substance of any kind whether cigarettes, cigars, or pipe. 

    If you must smoke, then you MUST LEAVE the premises to smoke. 

    E-cigarettes will be tolerated.

  16. Any person showing signs of intoxication or the influence of illegal substances will be told to leave on safety grounds.  

  17. You must sign in and sign out with times of entry and departure in the “Day Book”. In the event of a fire alert or other emergency, this will provide a check of anyone missing at the muster point.

  18. In the event of an emergency, you MUST carry out the instructions of the range officer and committee member present, do not attempt to retrieve your possessions until told it is safe to do so.